OFFLINE in Munich / ONLINE via Zoom

During this course, you will learn a very effective sequence of Hormone Yoga Therapy created by Dinah Rodrigues, including the exercises against stress and exercises on how to harmonize and optimize the hormonal system and harmonize the body's energy.
This special sequence is practised with the following focuses:
· Dynamic asanas
· Breathing techniques
· Relaxation techniques
· Technique for directing energy
· Stress-releasing exercises

The course includes:
  • 1 tutorial workshop (offline in Munich or online live-stream!)
  • 3 review classes (online only!/ live-stream or on-demand*)
  • materials for the practice (exercise description)

This course is suitable for women of any age, with and without previous yoga experiences. Yoga for hormonal balance (Hormone Yoga) is a therapeutic form of yoga for women who suffer from hormone-related disorders. Such as migraines, burnout, decreased libido, menstrual disorders, PMS, infertility, hypothyroidism, PCOS, premature menopause or menopausal symptoms such as loss of energy, insomnia, hot flashes, and mood swings, night sweats, loss of libido, weight gain, etc. Hormone Yoga is recommended for women from 35 years of age as prevention due to the ovary's activity which starts decreasing and gradually decreasing the hormone production of the two main female hormones: estrogen and progesterone.

Contraindications: The workshop is not advisable in the case of pregnancy and 3 months after delivery, in the case of bigger myomas, after hormone-dependent cancers and advanced endometriosis. Some exercises are modified for high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism. After major abdominal and heart operations, medical permission is needed.

Join live-streaming review classes is always more beneficial to practice correctly and safely.
I can see you, adjust your postures or make modifications directly when needed. We do Q/A during each class.
In case you can not join live-streaming review classes, the classes can be available ON-DEMAND*.

During the course, I will be available for you via email to support you with the practice, help you with adjustments and modifications, answer your questions, etc.

After the course, you will be able to easily do your own practice at home or at any place you like and feel comfortable.

129 Euro (offline in Munich/ online live-stream only)
159 Euro (offline in Munich/ online live-stream + review classes on-demand*)

* On-demand classes will be available for 24 hours after each live-streamed class!

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Hormone Yoga
is suitable for everyone of any age. To have good and fast results is recommended by the author of Hormone Yoga Therapy, Dinah Rodrigues, to practice the whole sequence at least 3-4x per week.
Before you start with Hormone Yoga read about contraindications and when is an appropriate medical consultation

How to ONLINE stream
  • We use Zoom as a streaming provider for the online stream.
  • Download it according to software or app to your laptop, tablet or smartphone (a device with a webcam!).
  • Access to the online stream is available 10 minutes before the start of the event. The link for the online stream you will find in your email after we receive the payment for the workshop/course.
  • Zoom allows participants to see each other through the video camera. Please leave the camera turned on during the whole stream so that the teacher can see you and correct you if needed.

Dinah Rodrigues, the author of the method, celebrated this year her 95th birthday. She is very vital and is literally an alive advertisement for her technique. Dinah trains and certified new teachers of her method in person to maintain the quality of her method.