CREATE your RITUAL with Hormone Yoga
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Live-stream via Zoom
7:00 - 7:40 am CET - Berlin
6:00 am GMT - London

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This routine practice
- is only for ladies who completed the workshop/course/retreat of Hormone Yoga Therapy with me or any other certified teacher of HYT created by Dinah Rodrigues and they know the HY sequence already
- it is for ladies who would like to find the motivation for regular practice and who would welcome regular practice with the teacher
- the intention of this practice is to motivate and support each other in the regular practice of the HY sequence
- sign up for 10 classes and start on any date you choose for
- classes are nearly not guided (only minimum queues) so this offer is for graduates only who know the sequence
- these classes do not replace the tutorial workshop!
- we practice the whole sequence smoothly together and at the end, you will be able to enjoy the harmonizations, which I will partially guide you through. The sequence practice takes us 30-35 minutes, in the final minutes we practice some breathing exercises
- after each class (or via email) I will be happy to answer your questions

COST for 10 classes:
55 Euro (credit for 6 weeks)
65 Euro (credit for 9 weeks)

75 Euro (credit for 12 weeks)


TIP! Practice the sequence at least 3-4 times per week to notice the results.
Let's create a morning ritual and exercise twice a week together and 1-2 times by ourselves.

I'm very much looking forward to practising with you soon.