Home Retreat with yoga therapy

Would you like to become healthier and happier?
Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zones and do your best for your health, body and yourself. This retreat might be the right start.
Home Retreat with yoga therapy is suitable for women and men of all ages (for yoga beginners as well as for yoga practitioners)

During this home retreat, you will
- learn how to support and improve the overall health with effective exercises
- experience how to cleanse and flush the internal organs of toxins
- activate the endocrine glands, harmonize and optimize the hormonal system
- eliminate or alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of low hormone levels
- support the nervous system, metabolism, libido, fertility, sleep, skin & hair
learn how to release stress (relaxing breathing & anti-stress techniques)
- rejuvenate the body and mind
- boost the energy
lower the glycemic level and complementary treat the diabetes
- harmonize the chakra system

- learn the
intense practice of Yoga Therapy
created by Dinah Rodrigues (Hormone Yoga Therapy sequence) to support the function of the pancreas, spleen, liver, and adrenals and to activate the thyroid, ovaries, testis and hypophysis
Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) combines elements of classical Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Tibetian techniques to circulate energy. This combination activates, harmonizes and optimizes the endocrine system and internal organs.

The home retreat has 6 parts (incl. an introduction, live calls, self-study, and inspirations)
We have 3 live video calls via Zoom
16.10./ 22.10./ 30.10. 2022
9:30 am CEST/ 8:30 UTC+1/ 11:30 am GST time zone map

and a lot of materials for your self-study (recordings, modifications, inspirations, tips)
which will be posted in our retreat closed Facebook group. You can practice it at any time you would like to. This FB group will be available one more week after the retreat finishes so you can practice or read in it at any time again and again.

Retreat content
Part 1: Intro
Learn about the effective sequence of HYT, basic techniques, breathing techniques, nadis, bandhas & chakra system. The Intro will be available (in our FB closed group) from October 12th and is recommended to read/watch it before the first live call.
Part 2: 1st live call (150min)
We meet live via Zoom 16.10. to learn the sequence of HYT
Part 3: self-study
Practice the sequence and learn new breathing & anti-stress exercises. Q&A, sharing at any time.
Part 4: 2nd live call (120min)
We meet live via Zoom 22.10. to practice together, Q&A.
Part 5: self-study
Practice the sequence and learn new breathing & anti-stress techniques. Q&A, sharing at any time.
Part 6: 3rd live call (120min)
We meet live via Zoom 30.10. to practice one more time together, Q&A.

Important to know (contraindications)
If you practice regularly and consistently you will increase your hormone level in a very short time.
Do not practice HYT if you:
- have or had hormone-dependent cancer (breast/uterus/ovaries/prostate)
- taking medication due to depression
- are diagnosed with endometriosis or bigger myomas
- pregnant!
Let me know if you have hypo/hyperthyroidism, we will adapt the practice.

Cost: 299 €