Hi, I'm Radka!
I stood on the yoga mat for the first time during my studies at the Australian Academy of Sport and Fitness in Sydney (2007). I was fascinated by the grace of movement and discovered a passion for Yoga.

Seven years later started intensively studying the art of Yoga in Thailand and became a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga and Meditation (RYS 200, Yoga Alliance). In Thailand, I began to teach different Yoga styles and also started to practice Hormone Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues on a daily basis to reactivate my endocrine system. It changed my life completely!

In 2016 I became a certified teacher of Hormone Yoga Therapy for women, and one year later, I also became a teacher for men's and diabetic practice.

Nowadays, I teach open classes of flow yoga and workshops on Hormone Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues in Munich (Germany). I also travel to teach workshops to the Czech Republic and retreats of Yin and Hormone Yoga worldwide.

I love teaching!
My open classes are energetic and focused on the rhythm of the breath and on proper body alignment. Linking breath and movement through postures and exercises. The continuous flow deepens breathing, stimulates the body's energy, and increases endurance.

I am also a certified Pilates instructor (mat workout) and instructor of Barre workout. I use my yoga experiences also during the fitness classes. My workshops and retreats are fully inspired by my own experiences. Life, dance, sport, health. All those things led me to become a teacher with patience and love.

What led me to practice Hormone Yoga?
An imbalance of female hormones causes infertility. At the beginning of 2014, doctors told me that the level of hormones in my body was closer to menopause rather than the possibility of pregnancy. If I got pregnant naturally without the help of hormonal pills, it would be a miracle.

At that moment, my world collapsed completely… but I did not give it up. A few weeks later, I received a gift from my sister – Weekend Workshop of Hormone Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues. Already after completing the weekend workshop, I felt that my ovaries had started to work, and I immediately knew that this might be the right way to become a mother. Just practice regularly, be patient and trust my body.

In the same year, I was let go from my job, where stress was a daily factor, so my husband and I decided to fly to Asia. And right there, no work = no stress. I have started with my nearly everyday practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy. Not even a year later came "the" miracle! I am a happy and proud mom; MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!

Our baby was the reason I started to teach Hormone YogaI know from my own experience that regular exercise of HYT is very effective and fruitful. The level of hormones in the body is adjusted without the need to use, for example, hormone replacement therapy. I am looking forward to each of you who will taste the 'fruit' itself, and your patience and hard work will bring a shiny smile on your face, make you feel fresh and youthful, and make your hormonal imbalance or unpleasant symptoms disappear.